Women’s Bible Study

With competing priorities and packed schedules, it’s often hard to devote time to the study of Scripture. Our intention is to give you a spiritually enriching and fulfilling group Bible study that doesn’t require an intense time commitment.  This non-denominational, in-depth study of God’s Word is condensed into classes that meet on Monday nights. This comprehensive study provides an opportunity to meet with other women who desire to learn more about the Scriptures.  Chaplain to the women at the Indiana Statehouse and author, Pam Russell, will be serving as the teacher.  A study guide will be provided to enhance your study.

Bible Study Details

Our study, “Genesis: First Things First,” meets from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Mondays, September 11, 2023 and continues through April 22, 2024. This Bible study meets at the Woodland Country Club in Carmel, Indiana, but is also available online.  The Woodland Country Club is located near the intersection of 116th Street and Keystone Parkway in Carmel (100 Woodland Lane, Carmel, IN).

Overview:  “Genesis: “First Things First” provides an important study in developing a biblical worldview that informs the way we live, address leadership, and respond to disasters.  This study of the book of Genesis also ensures a right understanding of God, humanity, Scripture, and why God would send His one and only Son to redeem men and women.  

These studies have been designed to help you dig deeply and effectively in the Word of God. It can be a challenge to grow in grace and in our knowledge of Christ. We need the means to connect with Him daily, deeply. We trust this will be that for you

    Costs: While there is no fee to attend this Bible study, you will be encouraged to purchase the study guide ($25.00 each).  We would ask that you register prior to September 1st.  Thank you!

    Pam’s style of teaching is warm and engaging. She carefully handles the Word of God without compromise. Sometimes in Women’s Bible studies, we tend to direct our focus to felt needs or our position as women and the challenges society places on us. Pam’s focus on the truth of Scripture transcends our roles as women in Western culture. As a result, we are more fully able to see who we are as children of God, made in His image, and to make application no matter where He has placed us in life.

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    Pam Russell serves with Public Servants’ Prayer as the Women’s Chaplain of the Indiana Statehouse. Her role with PSP includes teaching various Bible studies, counseling leaders and their staffs, praying during legislative meetings, and working along her colleague, Matt Barnes, the Statehouse Chaplain and founder of Public Servants’ Prayer. Pam is the founder of the Women’s Statehouse Day.

    Pam was born and raised in rural England and came to live in the States by way of love and marriage. Pam and her husband, Rick, were reached for Christ by missionaries to the US military, and they subsequently served in the military chapel wherever they were stationed, ministering to military singles and spouses.

    A published author, Pam has also served as a chaplain to incarcerated women and is the founder of Almond Tree, a biblical substance abuse counseling ministry with national and international reach.  Now a widow, she has three children and eleven grandchildren.

    Current Events/Studies

    Men’s Bible Study | 2024

    The Men’s Bible Study meets from 7:00-7:50am every Thursday mornings from January 25, 2024 through May 2, 2024.  This Bible study meets at the Woodland Country Club in Carmel, Indiana.

    Women’s Bible Study | 2022/2023

    The Women’s Bible Study meets from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Mondays, September 11, 2023 through April 22, 2024.  This Bible study meets at the Woodland Country Club in Carmel, Indiana and is also available online.

    Publications | Currently

    Iron-2-Iron is publishing the In-Depth Bible Study series.  These guides are based upon our previous studies.