Our God: Portraits from the Psalms

"Our God" Video Series

In light of these uncertain days, we thought it would be helpful to spend a few minutes examining some important truths about our God:  truths that bring comfort, peace, hope, and joy to God’s people.  Join us for these 10 to 15 minute video clips with our Bible teacher, Dr. David Hoffeditz.  A new video will be posted weekly.

Psalm 100: Our God Who is Faithful

The great reformer, Martin Luther, aptly noted:  “We cannot give God anything; for everything is already His, and all we have comes from Him.  We can only give Him praise, thanks, and honor.”  This is exactly what the psalmist declares in Psalm 100.  Even in the midst of life’s difficulties, we have a God who is worthy of all our praise.  He has not forsaken us.  Instead, He provides, sustains, and guides us.  Posted 5/19/20.

Psalm 1: Our God Who Gives True Happiness

Our recent quarantine has a way of causing us to reevaluate life.  Things that we often looked to for happiness, such as a nice dinner out or a shopping spree, are no longer available.  Instead, many people are asking where is happiness in the midst of this social distancing exercise?  Psalm 1 answers this important question.  Posted 4/7/20.

Psalm 7: Our God Who Defends

If you have been mistreated, cheated, or misrepresented, be assured that God knows.  He will eventually vindicate His people.  In Psalm 7, the psalmist’s plea to God for help turns to a praise.  He recognizes that we can turn to our Lord in confidence that He will deliver!  Posted 4/14/20.

Psalm 11: Our God Who Rescues

In our present chaos, “normality” fails to exist. Consequently, numerous companies are having a difficult time fulfilling their “brand promises”.  Whether that pledge entails speedy delivery, an incredible dining experience, or well-stocked shelves, our present circumstances continue to demonstrate companies’ inability to stand by their word.  Thankfully, we serve a God who is not bound by unforeseen disasters such as COVID-19.  Instead, His promises are based upon His character.  Psalm 11 reminds us that our Lord is not only truthful and loving, but He is also all-powerful (omnipotent) – able to fulfill His vows.  Posted 5/12/20.

Psalm 13: Our God Whom We Can Trust

Have you asked the Lord “how long?” in this midst of the quarantine?  Then you are not alone.  In fact, the psalmist asks the Lord a series of four “how longs?” in Psalm 13.  This repetition highlights the exasperation of the psalmist.  And yet, the psalmist recognizes that we need to trust the Lord.  He, alone, is worthy of our praise.  Posted 4/1/20.

Psalm 18: Our God Who Strengthens

Feeling overwhelmed with life?  Psalm 18 directs our attention to the God who is in the business of parting “Red Seas.”  Even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations, God promises to make a way for us. This 10-minute video explores the truths of Psalm 18:1-30.  Posted 4/7/20.

Psalm 19: Our God Who Reveals Truth

These difficult times are laced with mixed messages.  These conflicting and confusing announcements only increase one’s anxiety.  Thus, it is a great comfort to know there is a message that is clear, consistent, faithful, and true.  Psalm 19 explores these incredible messages the Lord provides through His Creation and His Word.  Come explore these words of assurance–words desperately needed in this chaotic world.  Posted 4/28/20.

Psalm 23: Our God Who Comforts and Leads

One of the most loved passages of Scripture is Psalm 23.  These six verses have resonated throughout the ages.  This psalm brings comfort–comfort in knowing that our Good Shepherd protects and provides for His sheep.  Posted 4/21/20.

Psalm 30: Our God Who Restores

A pandemic has a way of reminding us that we are not self-sufficient.  While not the coronavirus, King David learned a valuable lesson through the experience of a 3-day plague.  In confessing his sin, David calls for God’s people to praise the Lord.  While our troubles are temporary, God’s favor and our opportunity to praise Him are forever!  Posted 4/14/20.

Psalm 97: Our God Reigns

“Our God reigns!” serves as the rally cry for Psalm 97.  In these twelve verses, we are reminded that God is sovereign and that His authority brings great comfort to His people.  Our fears quickly fade when we recognize this All-Powerful One loves us so!  Posted 4/1/20.

Psalm 110: Our God Who Keeps His Promises

Psalm 110 is arguably one of the most fascinating psalms in the psalter.  Due to is theological richness, it is little surprise that this psalm is the most frequently quoted or referenced Old Testament passage in the New Testament!  Come explore this royal psalm with us–a psalm that reminds us that our King is the Promise Keeper.  Posted 4/21/20.

Psalm 121: Our God Cares

What a comfort to know that our Lord is not some old man who wound the clock and then is too busy to care about us.  Instead, our God is intimately involved in our lives.  Psalm 121 serves as a “psalm of comfort”–a psalm that reiterates our God cares for us!  Posted 4/1/20.

Psalm 146: Our God Who is Worthy of Praise

In this hymn of praise, the psalmist reminds us that human plans often do not materialize – a reminder we know all too well in these recent days.  Instead, the writer directs our attention to our God and calls for us to praise Him.  Why?  You will want to be sure and view this video to see how the psalmist answers this very important question.  Posted 5/5/20.