Session One – "The Desperate Need for a Godly Man" (Nehemiah 1:1-3)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Throughout history, the Lord has used particular men to “stand in the gap”. While we may not be another Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, or a Billy Graham, we are called, as men, to follow Christ and to serve as godly servant-leaders. The book of Nehemiah provides targeted, practical insight on how to walk with God and allow Him to work through us for His glory. In our study of one of Israel’s greatest leaders, Nehemiah, we will glean much from a man who modeled a life of great character, discipline, determination, zeal, and grace.

Session Two – "Crying Out to God in the Midst of Adversity" (Nehemiah 1:4-11)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Faced with the horrific news concerning Jerusalem and his countrymen, Nehemiah is overcome with grief. Through his tears, Nehemiah turns to the Lord. The opening prayer of this Old Testament book lays out one of the finest models of prayers in the entire Bible. The actions of this cupbearer from Susa illustrates key principles in how to approach God—principles that are extremely applicable even for today!

Session Three – "Prayer, Action, and God’s Sovereignty" (Nehemiah 2:1-8)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Four months have passed since Nehemiah heard the horrific news concerning his homeland. However, rather than throwing up his arms in despair and in hopelessness, Nehemiah turns to the Lord. Following 48 weeks of fervent prayer and research, this Persian cupbearer makes a very calculated step to approach King Artaxerxes. This scene features a beautiful picture of human responsibility and God’s sovereignty working in tandem to bring about God’s glory.

Session Four – "Prayer and Confidence in the Midst of Chaos" (Nehemiah 2:9-20)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Nehemiah finally arrives in Judah, after praying and planning four months plus enduring a two month trek to Jerusalem. Clearly the task was daunting and the opposition intense. Yet, instead of launching immediately into construction or calling a meeting for Jewish leaders to discuss the building project, Nehemiah seeks the Lord’s guidance, assessing the situation first-hand. Nehemiah’s actions reveal not only his character, they also provide some important principles for all those who wish to be used mightily by the Lord.

Session Five – "Working with Others in Service to the Lord" (Nehemiah 3:1-32)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Chapter three of Nehemiah contains a litany of names that are difficult to pronounce, information that is repetitive and appears rather meaningless, and obscure locations that are largely forgotten today. Thus, it is little surprise that some of the most prominent books on the study of Nehemiah fail to discuss the chapter. And yet, a closer observation of this chapter reveals several important principles both for leadership and for unity within God’s people. In so doing, these principles afford the opportunity for God’s community to unite, accomplishing great things for His glory!

Session Six – "Living in the Midst of Opposition & Discouragement" (Nehemiah 4:1-23)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

In reading chapter three, we assume that the rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem went without a glitch. However, chapter four puts that assumption to rest; the arduous task of rebuilding the walls was met with great opposition. This adversity led to discouragement and threatened the successful completion of the construction project. Despite the criticism, discouragement, and adversity, Nehemiah and the Israelites persevered as they looked to the Lord to supply all their needs:  mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Session Seven – "Facing Internal Problems: Leading with Character" (Nehemiah 5:1-13)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

To this point in the story, it would seem that the Israelites are completely behind Nehemiah in this daunting building project. His only opposition had originated from “outside the camp”. However, in chapter five, we learn that Nehemiah also faced great opposition from his own people. One author observes, “The productive sounds of a wall being raised up have been replaced with the destructive sounds of people tearing one another down” (Swindoll, Hand Me Another Brick Study Guide, 48). In the midst of these challenges, Nehemiah provides several important principles for godly leaders.

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