A Study of 2 Peter

Session One – Introduction to 2 Peter (2 Peter 1:1-2)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

While considered one of the most neglected letters of the New Testament, Second Peter cries out for our attention. In an age where doubt is applauded, the core of the Christian faith is questioned, and traditional values of morality are eroding, this small epistle is extremely relevant to our present day culture. The apostle Peter will pen this letter prior to his death. As we will observe in this study, Peter’s parting words stress the importance of the apostolic message, warn of false teachers, and call for the saints to cling to God’s promises and live for Him.

Session Two – How to Live a Life with Spiritual Impact (2 Peter 1:3-11)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Peter wastes no time in addressing the heart of this epistle—the call for spiritual maturity. He will first note that our spiritual maturity is rooted in the provisions the Lord has lavished on His people (1:3-4). Based upon these resources, God’s people need to actively pursue spiritual maturity (1:5-9). In so doing, Christians await a glorious future (1:10-11).

Session Three - How to Live a Life with Certainty (2 Peter 1:12-21)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Prior to launching into his critique of the false teachers, Peter first addresses the importance of the apostolic message (vv. 12-15). In light of the conflicting rhetoric of the false teachers, Peter warns his audience not to forget what they were taught. Secondly, Peter defends the veracity of the apostolic message (vv. 16-21). Through both apostolic experience and the prophetic word, Peter reminds his audience that their message is ultimately from the Lord.

Session Four - How to Expose a Counterfeit (2 Peter 2:1-10a)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Beginning in chapter 2, Peter comes to the reason for his letter: the need to address the false teachers. These heretics have abandoned the faith and have redefined and twisted the teachings of Christianity for their own gain. However, while the rhetoric and practices of the false teachers are alarming, far worse is the impact these false teachers are having upon the Church. In this section, Peter exposes the wickedness of these heretics (vv. 1-3) and then notes the future judgment that awaits them (vv. 4-10a). This future judgment of the unrighteous also is wedded with the promise that the Lord will preserve the righteous in the midst of endurance.

Session Five - Knowing the Reality of Disobedience (2 Peter 2:10b-22)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

In this section of his letter, Peter will condemn the false teachers. In verses 10 through 16, the apostle focuses on their arrogance, greed, sexual desires, and insatiable desire for pleasure. Peter then shifts to highlight the false teachers’ adverse effect on others in verses 17 through 22. Such actions warrant the judgment of these heretics—a judgment that will occur despite their denial of it!

Session Six - Avoiding Spiritual Amnesia (2 Peter 3:1-7)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Those who claim to know Christ can quickly forget the fundamental truths learned during times of adversity and persecution. A poor memory, then in turn, leaves a believer vulnerable. Such is the scenario Peter is addressing in 3:1-7. Peter calls for the saints to remember what they had been taught and instructs them to understand these truths in light of the false teachers. In particular, the apostle reminds his readers that the Lord is intimately involved in this world. He created it. He sustains it. And He will judge it.

Session Seven - Where is God in an Uncertain World (2 Peter 3:8-13)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Why hasn’t the Lord intervened? Where is God in the midst of all the junk that I am facing? If God is so powerful and loving, why doesn’t He do something? Peter must address these questions in light of the delay of eternal judgment—a judgment that the false teachers deny. Peter will argue that God’s perception of time varies from humanity, that God is fully aware of and acting within the confines of time, and that God will see a completion of time. Consequently, believers are called to walk in obedience to Him.

Session Eight - How to Grow Spiritually (2 Peter 3:14-18)

Presented by Dr. David Hoffeditz

Peter closes his second epistle with a series of commands. These final words of wisdom summarize themes throughout the letter and highlight what is important. Similar to a prophet, Peter exposes the dangers that the Church faces and exhorts his readers to persevere. The apostle then closes with a doxology—an ascription to Christ’s glory and His future coming.

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